“Providing substance abuse, co-occurring mental health, reentry, and related behavioral health services for youth, adults, and families.”

Transitional Youth Program Flyer

Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Services 

Strategies for Change Prevention Program educate and avert individuals from engaging in behaviors which may lead to unhealthy lifestyles and the need for future treatment. To this end, Strategies for Change provides a series of educational classes in the community, alternative drug-free activities, youth mentoring, as well as specialized presentations, referrals, and information dissemination. Strategies for Change youth counselors and prevention specialists work hand-in-hand to provide an array of prevention and treatment services on-site and at select schools within Sacramento County. Specialized presentations, referrals, and information dissemination are provided upon request. Community organizations interested in Strategies for Change prevention services are encouraged to contact the Youth Services Program Manager.

Our goal is to educate, support and encourage youth to think about their actions and to become aware that the choices they make affect their future. Eligible youth (12-18) interested in developing strategies for addressing the stresses of adolescence, or any school or organization seeking substance abuse prevention or life skills development services. 

Strategies for Change educates, supports and encourages adolescents to think about their actions and to become aware that the choices they make affect their future. Strategies for Change utilizes curriculum-based prevention programs designed to meet a variety of community needs. Mentoring is a mainstay throughout Strategies for Change prevention efforts. 

Youth Substance Abuse Treatment Services 

Substance abuse treatment for youth is not simply their problem, it is a family issue and we strive to include the WHOLE family in learning coping mechanisms to support youth sobriety. Strategies for Change provides family counseling, substance abuse treatment and support services to youth and their families on-site and at select school campuses. Our goal is to help young people and their families craft a life that is meaningful and purposeful without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Eligible youth (12-21 years old) residing in Sacramento County in need of treatment or recovery support services. Youth must demonstrate symptoms of substance use/abuse and the need for treatment based on a brief screening conducted by a Strategies’ for Change counselor. Treatment is provided on-site and at select schools on regularly designated days and times. Group sessions are 90 minutes; individual sessions are 60 minutes as needed. Youth attending a school where Strategies for Change is a community provider,

can self-refer, or be referred by a principal, teacher, school counselor, parent or friend. Group and individual counseling,

family counseling, co-occurring disorder services, drug education for parents, anger management, random drug screening,

support services, and referrals for ancillary services as needed.

The pre-teen and teenage years are exciting times. We start to see ourselves, not as children, but as emerging adults. Our awareness blossoms and a world of possibilities emerge. This is the time when most of us experiment with drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex. Many teens think such behaviors are a way to be popular, connect with others or to escape their difficulties. It is helpful for parents to Know the Signs of Adolescent Substance Use. In their struggle to define themselves and fit in, many teens move beyond experimentation and adopt drug use as a lifestyle. Strategies for Change seeks to interrupt this cycle before it begins. 

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