“Providing substance abuse, co-occurring mental health, reentry, and related behavioral health services for youth, adults, and families.”

South Site

4343 Williamsbourgh Drive

Sacramento, California

(916) 395-3552

North Site

4441 Auburn Blvd., Suite E

Sacramento, California

(916) 473-5764 

Management Team

​ New Board Members

Jonathan Porteus

Lisa Stewart

(Current WSH Board Member)

Ruzwa Cooper

(Immediate past Board President)

Ex Officio

Dr. BJ Davis 

Executive Director/Clinical Director, Strategies for Change 

​About our Board of Directors


Strategies for Change's Board of Directors is comprised of top-level educators and community leaders. All board members are committed to the vision and mission of the organization and have made a commitment of annual funding to support the general operations of the organization. To augment its revenue, Strategies for Change obtains funds through individual donations and grant funding to support its specific scope of work. ​

Strategies for Change welcomes highly motivated individuals who will bring new energy and ideas to the agency. Volunteers knowledgeable in finance, legal, human resources and business management are encouraged to apply. Prior Board experience is encouraged. For more information or to request a board packet, please contact Dr. BJ Davis (916) 395-3552 extension 262 or Betsy Michelotti extension 231.

​Advisory Committee ​

There is often a connection between substance abuse and mental health issues. Strategies for Change welcomes citizens with experience in mental health and/or substance abuse counseling, as well as those active with families and consumers of mental illness to serve on our Advisory Committee. Advisory Committee members meet a minimum of twice annually and provide input and feedback to management. For more information meetings, please contact BJ Davis at (916) 395-3552 extension 262.

Board of Directors; Officers​


Kim Clarke
North Highland, Senior Manager ​
Vice President

Dr. B.J. Davis 
Executive Director/Clinical Director
395-3552, extension 1262

Alicia Robinson
North Site Program Manager
473-5764, extension 2227 

Debbie Davis

South Site Programs Manager

395-3552, extension 1239

Robert Hale

Forensics Programs Manager

395-3552, extension 1224