“Providing substance abuse, co-occurring mental health, reentry, and related behavioral health services for youth, adults, and families.”

South Site

4343 Williamsbourgh Drive

Sacramento, California

(916) 395-3552

North Site

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Sacramento, California

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Family Counseling

The focus of family counseling is identifying and helping family members improve communication, solve family problems, understand and handle special family situations (for example, death, serious physical or mental illness, substance abuse, or child and adolescent issues), and create a better functioning home environment.  Family therapy at Strategies for Change is conducted by a therapist or a supervised therapist trainee who are trained and experienced in family and group therapy techniques. Family therapy involves multiple therapy sessions, usually lasting at least one hour each, conducted at regular intervals (for example, once weekly) for several months. Family Counseling can be additional to Substance Abuse Treatment groups using funding already established or Private Pay fee of $65.00 an hour. 


Free, on-site childcare is provided for anyone seeking Strategies for Change mental health, substance abuse treatment or educational services. Strategies for Change provides a safe caring environment for children of parents seeking Strategies for Change services. A structured environment including themed months, scheduled activities and lesson plans is provided to all children regardless of session duration.

Strategies for Change welcomes children 3 months to 16 years old. Parents must be the legal guardians of the child; currently participating in Strategies for Change services and on-site while the child is under Strategies for Change care. Current immunization records are required for all children. 

Safe Exchange 

During separation or divorce, the process of transferring children between parents can be stressful or emotionally charged. Monitored exchanges allow for a safe and easy visitation transfer, while minimizing and controlling contact between spouses. 

Strategies for Change provides a safe, non-confrontational environment to avert parent conflict during child visitation transfers. Monitored and pre-arranged times are scheduled to allow one parent to drop off, and one parent to pick up at staggered times. Strategies for Change staff supervises and records all exchanges, and is present to guarantee the child’s comfort during each exchange.

​Registration and program orientation is required for all adult participants. For those involved in the Courts, documents might be required prior to orientation. Participants are encouraged to consult with Strategies for Change receptionist or Program Manager prior to orientation so that they may provide the necessary documents at orientation.Orientation is $20 per adult participant and $15 per Safe Exchange. Safe Exchange service fees are paid in cash or money order and in advance of each monitored exchange. 

Supervised Visitation 

Divorce, separation or custody issues can negatively contribute to an already troubled parenting history. Supervised visitation provides a monitored neutral environment so that non-custodial parents can interact with their child(ren) and focus on re-establishing or enhancing their relationship.  

Strategies for Change monitoring staff is trained in Standard 5.20: Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation and Family Code Section 3200.5.  Monitoring staff ensures all rules of supervision are consistent with the court orders.

​All supervised visitation session are documented and are submitted to the court. In addition to Sacramento County, Strategies for Change also facilitates the ‘All About Kids’ visitation programs in Yuba and Sutter County.  And Supervised Visitation in both Butte and Glenn County. Our 5 visitation sites are located in Sacramento, Chico, Oroville, Willows, and Marysville.  Times and schedules vary by location.  This program is a court referred only program through the Family Law Courts  of each county for low income eligible unmarried, divorcing or separating parents.  A referral is faxed to our South location at 916-395-3683 and a telephone screening is completed by calling (916) 395-3552 ext. 280.    Any questions, you may have can be answered by calling the same number.  Strategies for Change provides visitation services in all Counties for both private pay and grant funded clients.  Eligible clients must also provide proof of income at Orientation in Sacramento County.  

Program orientation is required for all adult participants. The Court Order and form FL341-A (Supervised Visitation Order), vehicle registration and insurance and identification are required at orientation. Copy of Restraining Order is required if in effect. Participants are encouraged to consult with a Strategies for Change receptionist or Program Manager prior to orientation so that they may provide the necessary documents at orientation. Visitation sessions must be scheduled with the Supervised Visitation Coordinator or Program Manager.  If private pay; fees are to be paid in advance. 

For private pay clients orientation is $30 per adult participant. Supervised visitation is $45 per hourly session. All visitation service fees are paid in cash or money order and in advance of each session. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice are $20.  Standard reports are free and court appearance fee is $65. 

Family Reunification and Community Support