“Providing substance abuse, co-occurring mental health, reentry, and related behavioral health services for youth, adults, and families.”

Urinalysis Drug Testing Only $30

Strategies for Change tests for multiple drugs and configurations including:

Alcohol, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine, Ecstasy (MDMA), Marijuana (THC), Methadone, Methamphetamines, Opiates, Oxycodone, PCP, Steroids 

Strategies for Change utilizes the most sophisticated, sensitive and specific equipment technology available to screen, confirm and quantitative drugs of abuse. Our methodology provides highly dependable drug screening and the assurance of legally defensible results. On-site laboratory services include urine and oral (swab) drug testing for multiple drugs and configurations. A breathalyzer is utilized to detect alcohol consumption within up to 10 hours.  

Testing is safe, quick and confidential. Results are generally ready within 10 minutes of sampling. Some results, such as steroid identification, may take up to 72 hours. 

Testing cost $30. Testing takes please at both locations. Results are available in person, or via internet, fax or U.S. mail. 

Testing Locations & hours: 
North Site: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11am- 6pm | Wednesday 12am-6pm 
South Site: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11am- 6pm | Wednesday  12am-6pm 

Community Support Groups  

Strategies for Change welcomes peer-to-peer support groups that contribute to or aid the cause of our mission. 


LifeRing offers a secular alternative to AA-structure support groups. LifeRing is abstinent-based and based on the belief that everyone has the ability to become clean and sober through supportive group process and positive reinforcement. www.unhooked.org 

LifeRing meets at Strategies for Change North Site:
(4441 Auburn Blvd, Suite E, 95841) 

Monday, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Tuesday 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Thursday 9:00-10:00 a.m.

LifeRing meets at Strategies for Change South Site:
(4343 Williamsbourgh Drive, 95823)

Monday 4:15-5:15 p.m.
Tuesday 4:15-5:15 p.m.
Friday 4:25-5:25 p.m. 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a twelve-step program of recovery from drug addiction, modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous provides a recovery process and support network. The only requirement for membership is "a desire to stop using," and members "meet regularly to help each other stay clean," where "clean" is defined as complete abstinence from all mood and mind altering substances (including alcohol). 

“Open” NA meetings take place at Strategies for Change South site conference room, Fridays 3:15- 4:15 p.m. 

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

​Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)  is a twelve-step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Meeting Rooms 

Strategies for Change has conference space available to rent for groups up to 30 at our South site location.. Discounts are available for non-profits.  Contact: Melissa Cornelius, Administrative Manager | 473-5764 extension 252. 

Motivational Speaker

​Dr. B J Davis, CAADAC-II

Dr. Davis is a  experienced  mental health and substance abuse clinician.  He currently serves as the Clinical and Co-Executive Director of Strategies for Change.  He is an adjunct professor at Alliant International University.  And recently was a invited speaker at the prestigious TED Talk event.  

Dr. Davis is an excellent motivational speaker and is a dynamic lecturer on behavioral health. His areas of expertise include, reality therapy/choice theory, co-occurring disorders, quality of life outcome research, multicultural issues in counseling, and identifying a meaningful life for oneself. 

Dr. Davis' delivery is powerful and entrancing as he presents a message of hope for individuals and families being ravaged by the affects of alcohol and drug use. Blending research, sensitivity and humor, Dr. Davis engages audiences with timely and inspirational guidance of overcoming adversity and life stresses. Dr Davis is experienced in corporate keynote, graduation, and team building talks.

​Strategies for Change Motivational Speaker rate is $125.00 per hour, plus any travel, meals, etc. For more information, or to schedule Dr. Davis, please contact Strategies for Change, Administrative Manager at (916) 473-5764 ext. 252.

To view recent YouTube presentations:

Professional Trainings, Presentations, & Motivational Speaker

Strategies for Change offers expertise within the fields of substance abuse recovery, co-occurring disorders and youth treatment and prevention. Much of the training is provided by Dr. B J Davis.  Dr. Davis is an experienced mental health and substance abuse clinician. He currently serves as the Co-executive director and clinical director of Strategies for Change, an adjunct professor at Alliant International University, and the past Area 5 Director for the California Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Lectures, presentations, and booths are available to schools, businesses, health fairs, and community organizations within Sacramento County. 

Dr. Davis is available to provide:
1.    Clinical and Motivational Presentations
2.    Clinical Training and Supervision
3.    Multicultural Training
​4.    Clinical and Treatment Policy Consulting

Examples of topics and forums where Dr. Davis has presented and a link to video excerpts of his LifeRing Keynote are listed below: ​

“Motivating and Making it Work:  Tools for working sensitively with clients with mental health disabilities" - Capitol Area Investment Zone, Sacramento Employment &Training Agency (SETA), Sacramento, CA

“Obstacles to the Implementation of Evidenced Based Practices” panel discussion – The UCLA Substance Abuse Research Consortium 42st Semi-Annual Research-to-Policy Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

“Substance Abuse, Addicted Behavior, and Recovery from a Learning Theories Perspective” – UC Davis, Addiction Research and Investigation for Science Educators, (A.R.I.S.E.) Conference on Neuroscience and the Science of Addiction, Davis, CA 

“Co-occurring Treatment: Challenges, Interventions, and Choice Theory” – California Institute of Mental Health, Statewide Mental Health Boards & Commissions Conference, San Jose, CA

​“Substance Abuse and Learning Disabilities” - Introduction to Counseling of Adults with Learning Disabilities, California State University, Sacramento

“African-American counseling expectations and preferences, and Reality Therapy/Choice Theory” - clinical staff, California Polytechnic State University Counseling Services

“Quality World – Quality of Life: Recovery from a Choice Theory Perspective” - Glasser Institute & CAADAC Northern California Choice Theory Conference, Sacramento, CA 

“Challenges, Intervention, and Best Practices for Working with Co-occurring Disorders” – Parent Advocate Attorneys of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA 

“Fundamental Components of the Neuropharmacology of Drugs and Alcohol” - Advanced Seminar in Community Counseling:  Methods and Strategies for Chemical Dependency, California State University, Sacramento

“What is recovery anyway?! A quality of life perspective” – Keynote Address, 2008 LifeRing Congress, Berkeley, CA

​“Applying Reality Therapy/Choice Theory to substance abuse treatment”- Panel discussion, 2008 West Region Choice Theory Conference, Los Angeles, CA

What is recovery and how do you measure it? Exploring the effectiveness of Quality of life, Motivation to Change, and Client Satisfaction as “during treatment” measures for individuals undergoing substance abuse treatment - CAADAC 27th Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA

“The Biopsychosocial effects of drugs and alcohol on mothers, their ability to parent, and the possible effects on children’s early psychological development” Risk & Resilience in Infant-Preschool Mental Health – Alliant International University/California School of Professional Psychology              

“Marginalization of Students of Color on college campuses” - clinical staff, California Polytechnic State University Counseling Services.

“The Basics of Substance Abuse Origins, Screening, and Assessment from a Learning Theories Perspective” - Chemical Dependency & Social Work Practice, California State University, Sacramento

“Drugs, the Brain, and Domestic Violence” - Advanced Criminal Justice,  Sierra College, Roseville, CA

“Theoretical and Practical Applications of Substance Abuse Prevention”- Seminar on Substance Abuse and the Family, California State University, Sacramento

“How Substance Abuse Effects Parenting and Child Development” - Seminar on Substance Abuse and the Family, California State University, Sacramento

Parenting Education 

Children do not come with operating instructions. Strategies for Change Parenting series meets CPS requirements and is a court approved parenting classes for parents (and parents-to-be) looking to improve and/or develop positive parenting techniques.

Session topics include: childhood development, nutrition, health and safety, stress management and other timely, interesting and useful parenting techniques. Strategies for Change Parenting Education is $35.00 per session for the twelve week series, with certificate upon completion or can be added as part of treatment groups.   Strategies for Change Parenting Education series is open to the public. Free on-site childcare is offered to program participants. 

Educational Classes 

Strategies for Change’s Anger Management and Domestic Violence educational classes address the underlying issues and consequences of anger and partner violence. Our Parenting Series educates parents (and soon-to-be parents) to develop skills that positively contribute to the parenting experience and the health and well-being of child(ren).

Anger Management Classes

Strategies for Change Anger Management meets CPS requirements for Anger Management education.  It teaches individuals how to understand anger and its causes; evaluate consequences and shift feelings of anger into respectful empowerment.  The 12-week educational series is open to everyone. Participants receive certification upon completion. Afternoon and evening classes are available.  Free on-site childcare is provided.

The cost is $35 per session paid in advance.  CPS referred clients may submit a CS800 form to pay for services. 

Domestic Violence Education 

Strategies for Change Domestic Violence educational series meets CPS requirements for Domestic Violence education and is ideal for those working through grief, healing from trauma, and looking for support in developing assertiveness skills. ​Strategies for Change Domestic Violence Education series is directed at individual who have experienced domestic violence. Participants receive certification upon completion. The12-week educational series is open to everyone. Afternoon and evening classes are available. Free on-site childcare is provided.

​The cost is $35 per session paid in advance. CPS referred clients may submit a CS800 form to pay for services. 

Community Support

South Site

4343 Williamsbourgh Drive

Sacramento, California

(916) 395-3552

North Site

4441 Auburn Blvd., Suite E

Sacramento, California

(916) 473-5764